Do I have to pay for streaming music in my restaurant?

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Nothing more cozy than the right background music while enjoying a delicious meal. But as a restaurant owner. Do you have to pay for this service? And above all, who do you pay? We briefly summarize the most important things for you.


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Who should I pay?

What about streaming?

Playing music through Youtube, Google Play, Napster or streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer is not allowed for commercial use.

Both if you play music permanently or host a one-time event, you have to pay. So, unfortunately, no distinction is made here.

The payment of this fee actually refers to the so-called "copyright." So these organizations ensure that these artists get the pay they worked for. 

Getting started

Through MyUnisono, you can register your application for the Just Compensation along with your Sabam application. Both the billing and the application are done together. Two birds with one stone.

An overview of the rates charged can be found here find. However, these may differ depending on the type of business you run. For example, there is a difference between chip shops, restaurants and dance pubs. 

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