Let your customers
Making your own adjustments
Reservation management
made easy
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Control over reservations for you and your guest

Make changes as needed, move, upgrade or cancel at your convenience. Managing reservations has never been easier for both parties!

Confirmation emails

Your guests get everything duplicated on mail. That way they won't lose track of anything.

Credit card?

You can also use prepayments if you wish.

Customize reservation with RestoManager confirmation email

Customers can customize reservations

In the confirmation email your guests receive, there is a button where customers can update their reservations.

Fewer no-shows

By modifying options, you avoid the possibility of no-shows .

Don't wait any longer,
make yourself comfortable

Less no-shows, more revenue

Let us save your time and money by sending your customers reminders. That way they won't forget their reservation for sure!

Reservations simplified

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to clarify possible ambiguities

Sure! In the confirmation email after a reservation, there is a button where customers can still modify their reservation. 

Manage reservations anywhere. Download our app via App Store and Play Store and get started. That way you can add reservations in just a few seconds using your smartphone.

Managing reservations has never been easier. Customers book from different channels, but everything comes together in one place, where you see it. Google, Facebook and your website integrate perfectly.