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Let your customers find you more easily

Because RestoManager integrates smoothly with Google, customers can make reservations with just a few clicks. This even without visiting your website!


Let your customers make reservations directly from the world's most widely used search engine.


Clients can make reservations though Google and through your website.


From wherever the customer made the reservation, it enters your reservation system without error.


Upon completion of the reservation, customers are invited to leave a review.

Make reservations in just a few seconds

Let customers reach your business from anywhere and manage all your reservations in one central place: your RestoManager
Reserve With Google, reservation system for restaurants with RestoManager

Show who you are and where you are located

Use Google Search, Google Maps and Reserve With Google.

Showcase your menu and your best dishes

Not only your service, but also the actual restaurant experience is visualised

Make the right impression right away

Give your customers all important information instantaneously and impress them with the responsiveness and visibility of your business

Get your hospitality business integrated with Google!

In short,
reserve wherever you are

With Reservations via Google, your customers have access to numerous online services that allow you to easily make reservations. This flow includes reviews coupled for additional insight.

blog post google business profile for restaurants and hospitality businesses

How do I set up a business profile for my restaurant?

With a business profile on Google, you manage how your local business is visible in various Google products, such as Google Maps and Google Search. But how do you get started?