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Managing customers and controlling data

It is essential as a restaurant owner to have access to data that your customers make available to you. Use this to your own advantage! Manage your customer base like a pro!

Talk to your customer's base directly

When you combine our newsletter software with the gift cards module and a controlled client database. You can reach the full potential of your online marketing in no time!

Utilize data from your other modules

An organized customer base for restaurants is more important than you might expect. Use data through orders, reservations and gift cards,

Import and hop... analyze!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to clarify possible ambiguities

It is no problem to import data from other systems. This can be done via CSV files, for example. 

When someone buys a gift card, places a reservation or leaves a review, for example, you can collect data that way. 

Through our newsletter module you can filter customers by region and thus start targeting your customers very specifically. But the possibilities are endless... 

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