Gift cards for restaurants, a vital source of income

An extra penny is always nice. Having to do nothing at all for it even more fun....

Increase your turnover

Customers often spend more than the credit they have on their gift card. Increase your sales by doing so!

Safe & quick

Our secure system verifies gift card in seconds using a QR code.

A gift certificate from RestoManager for a catering business

Personalized design

Upload your gift card design as a Word file and get complete freedom to personalize it from start to finish.

Fully automated

An additional advantage is that payment is immediate, so you have the money in your possession instantly.

A gift card system with insight

How many gift cards have I sold today? Are there many expired and how big is this additional source of income?

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Pay according to your rules with Mollie

Arrange your online payment methods the way you want with the largest online payment provider in the Benelux.

From now on, make it easy on yourself and your customers


Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to clarify possible ambiguities

At RestoManager, we work with QR codes that are automatically sent by mail. After entering the customer data, our system does all the work for you! You can also design your template just as you wish.

Above the QR code, the logo of your business will appear. Furthermore, we also work with different templates that you can choose from. That way, the gift cards perfectly match the feeling of your restaurant. But feel free to experiment!

You just need to add the RestoManager module to your website and watch the magic happen! If you contact us, we'll happily help you install everything (which takes 2 minutes).

You can always request a free demo for 2 weeks. That way, you can get to know the system, we will be happy to introduce it to you before you make a decision!

Of course! All of RestoManager's modules can be perfectly combined. You can start with gift cards and later expand to Newsletters or Online Reservations. everything works together smoothly.