Reviews, not to be underestimated

Feedback from your customers is a gold mine of information.
Deal with it or enjoy the kind words.

Gain insight in your customer's opinion

Your customers leave a review about the quality of your food, the location, how friendly everyone was. In short: the whole experience!

Reviews, reviews, reviews, ...

In this digital age, there is nothing more important than your digital presence. This is precisely why reviews are more important than ever!

More feedback
through less work

As soon as a new review comes in, we'll let you know. This way you will stay informed about the performance of your business.

12 hours after the reservation, your customers automatically receive an invitation to review


Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to clarify possible ambiguities
You don't have to do anything at all, we take care of this task. So you can focus on the quality of your service.

Twelve hours after the reservation expires, customers receive an email. This contains a button directing them to the review module.

We work with a star grading system. They also rate your food, your service, value for money and the overall experience.
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