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In today's digital world, online presence plays a crucial role in the success of any business, and the hospitality industry is no exception. One of the most effective ways to increase sales in your hospitality business is by offering online gift cards. In this article, I will discuss the importance of online gift cards in the hospitality industry and how you can get started.


Online gift cards: a growing trend

In recent years, the demand for online gift cards has increased dramatically. This trend has several reasons, including ease of purchase, the ability to give personalized gifts and the flexibility to redeem them at any time.

Moreover, offering online gift cards is an excellent way to generate additional revenue, promote customer loyalty and increase your brand awareness.

The importance of online gift cards for your hospitality business

Additional revenue

Online gift cards provide immediate revenue when customers buy them. This revenue can help you improve your cash flow, especially during quieter periods.

Further, it is not unlikely that the amount of the gift card is insufficient to finance the entire dinner. The customers will use the gift card to pay, but will probably have to impose a little more. So you have more deserved!

There is also the possibility that the gift certificate may not be used or may even expire. It often happens that a gift certificate is left in the drawer and forgotten. Fortunately, as a restaurant owner, you then still have the funds in your possession!

Of course, at RestoManager we do offer the option to reactivate a gift certificate. This also keeps your customers happy and they will still come to dine with you!

Customer Loyalty

By offering online gift cards, you give your customers an extra reason to return to your store.

That way, you can have a snowball effect up, which can only benefit your business. A gift certificate is the perfect way to discover a new business. It is indirect word of mouth from a current customer to a new one. Also, new satisfied customers are not unlikely to come back themselves. Or even better, they also buy a gift certificate on further sharing the positive experience!

Convenience for customers

Online gift cards are easy to purchase and ship, making it more attractive for customers to give them as gifts.

This convenience leads to more sales and greater satisfaction among your customers.

Boost your digital visibility!

It is important for your restaurant or brasserie to have a strong digital business card to have. For example, a professional website sure, but it doesn't stop there. When you decide to offer gift cards you give your customers the opportunity to stay on your website longer.

It is also an additional opportunity to advertise this on social media.

The logic is simple, the more visitors your website has, the higher the chance they will visit your business. Any opportunity to attract new clientele to your business should definitely be used!

I want to sell gift cards!

Convinced? Look no further! At RestoManager, we offer a simple gift card module that automates the whole gift card experience. From online payments to a structured overview of exactly what you've sold.

Frequently asked questions

What do the gift cards look like?

At RestoManager, we work with QR codes that are automatically sent by mail. After entering the customer data, our system does all the work for you! You can also design your template just as you wish.

How can I personalize my gift cards?

The logo of your business will appear above the QR code. Furthermore, we also work with different templates you can choose from. That way, your gift cards perfectly match the feel of your restaurant.

What does the software look like?

You can always request your free demo for 2 weeks. That way you can get to know the system, we will be happy to come and introduce it to you before you make a decision!

Can this be used for several business at once?

RestoManager is a tool created from the perspective of a restaurant owner. Therefore, it is possible to manage different businesses from one central place.

What happens to expired gift cards?

Nothing at all! The money is already in your account, when the gift card expires you have complete freedom. You can either give the customer a new one or you just keep the money.

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