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The hospitality industry has undergone an exciting transformation in recent years, and takeout systems are one of the latest trends. With the rise of platforms such as RestoTakeout, dining is no longer limited to just the physical aspect in the restaurant itself, but customers can go for an experience at home.

Find out why switching to RestoTakeout's takeout system is a smart move for restaurant owners. From increased sales to greater customer reach, the future of restaurants is already looking tasty!


Boost your orders!

And your revenue

An efficient and error-free pickup system gives a trusted and safe feeling to all parties involved. Furthermore, our attractive and user-friendly software also ensures an increase in your orders and thus your turnover. Also, the combination of additional online advertising on social media and RestoTakeout is a proven formula for success!

Extremely easy

For you and your clients!

Our easy-to-use software makes the whole takeout experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for both you and your customers! RestoTakeout maintains an overview for all parties and automates the entire process. From a smooth order to secure online payment and confirmation for both restaurant and customer.


Reach more customers

Our platform helps you generting more revenue

As an emerging online platform, we increase your visibility and help your restaurant get the attention it deserves. RestoTakeout will also always show your customers the restaurants that are closest to them, putting you literally and metaphorically close to your customers!


The take-out solution creates a perfect synergy between your staff and the kitchen.


Real-time updates of all your orders. That way, you won't miss a thing!


We are always there for you if you have any questions or ambiguities. Both before, during and after your shift.

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