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Did you know that verified businesses on Google are 2 times more likely to be considered trustworthy! Google My Business for restaurants is an indispensable tool that allows you to make your business visible to customers looking for a nice place to stay. With a business profile on Google, you can manage how your local business is visible in various Google products, such as Google Maps and Google Search.


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A Google business profile for my hospitality business?

Keep your online information current

It is of great importance to make sure that everything that can be found online about your business is accurate. Therefore, make sure all your information is current!

Therefore, be sure to do the following two things:

  1. Inform Google (and therefore your customers) of your business hours, website, phone number and location.
  2. Use Google Maps and Google Search to keep your online presence up-to-date everywhere.

Communicating with customers

With a Company Profile for your restaurant, you can throw pictures of your business, your products and your services online.

Further still, you can even reviews from customers and respond to them.

Acquiring new customers

By being digitally visible, you improve the online appearance of your hospitality business. Customers can therefore find you much more easily.

Also, customers are much more quickly referred to your professional website!

A correct profile on Google My Business for restaurant looks like Google Search roughly like this:

Add company profile for restaurants

Using Google Maps for your business is at least as interesting. The features here are almost the same, only it looks a little different visually.

Below is a small example:

Add company profile for restaurants

Ordering online, visiting the website or getting more information: it can all be done through Google Maps!

By the way, RestoManager is also an official partner of Reserve With Google!

Because we integrate smoothly with Google, people can make reservations even without visiting your website. Learn more about it at our website!

Well, back to the point. How do I create such a Google Company Profile? We will gladly explain it to you

Below you can find a comprehensive roadmap to finally become visible to customers in the area.


Step 1: Surf to the Google Business Profile Manager and add your business

First of all, you can surf to this link: Google Business Profile Manager.

After you log in with your Google account, you'll be taken to an overview. Here you can add your first business!

google business profile manager

Step 2: Complete your hospitality business profile

After clicking the blue button, the full description of your restaurant follows. Please be as accurate as possible!

After adding the name of your business, location, contact information and hours of operation, Google will ask you if customers may message your business. This is hugely important, definitely allow this!

google business profile manager

Next come the things that really matter. Make the choices here that are relevant to your case:

google business profile manager

Next we come to the description of your business. Here you get 750 characters to list the most relevant things about your restaurant. However, don't use the full capacity of characters. Keep it concise but relevant.

An example:

google business profile manager

Congratulations! The first version of your company profile is ready. You can now feel free to take a look at what you've already accomplished.

Obviously, you can always customize every facet of your business profile for your restaurant afterwards. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Step 3: keeping your business up to date

Finally, you can always adjust things afterwards as needed. This is what you can ultimately do with a Google Company Profile for your restaurant:

1. Posting posts

Share announcements and news with your customers by posting updates to your business profile on Google Search and Maps

2. Update your company's information as needed

From your location and opening hours, to the link to your website where customers can place orders or reserve their table. Even payment options are among the things you can customize to give your customers as much information as possible.

3. Your menu

A picture say more than a thousand words!

Show your most attractive dishes to your customers even before they have found your website. That way, you make a good impression right away.

4. Food arrangement

If you use takeout or delivery systems, such as RestoTakeout, for example, you can also add that link directly to your business profile!

5. Reviews

Nothing more important than public reviews. People are impressionable, especially by other people's opinions. Take advantage of this! Of course, it's not easy to get reviews in quickly. That's why we send your customers an email after each reservation to ask what they thought of it. Discover it here.

Help, I can't figure it out!

No worries. When creating websites, we at RestoManager always make sure your Company Profile is visible on Google. Feel free to take a further look at our website to discover what we can offer you at RestoManager!

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