How do I create a floor plan?

1. Login

  • Surf to and enter your login information. When you have successfully logged in after the two-step verification, you will be taken to the general dashboard.
  • Afterwards, you take a look at your settings left. Here you then click on "Floor Plan"

2. Add depth or zone

Click the plus (+) at the top or the purple button that floor hot.

When you have clicked on this you need to fill in the following fields:

The width and height are expressed in pixels and are still editable afterwards.

If you wish to use your zone immediately you can use this open with the check mark.

4. Add tables and chairs

Using the buttons below, you can add a wall and table.

When you click on them, they appear on your screen and you can drag them to a spot you find appropriate.

Next, you can make your restaurant functional.

When you hover your mouse over a table, the edit button pops up.

5. Complete table plan: an example

A fully developed table plan might look like this:

Need help?

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