How do I activate online payment with Mollie?

Both for the use of RestoTakeout as our module for Gift-cards Mollie is used. This way we guarantee your personal security and that of your customer.

If you Do not yet have a Mollie account, you should first register with the Dutch payment service provider. You can do that by following the steps described in this item on Mollie's own website.

From your account by Mollie verified is you can follow the following roadmap to activate online payments: 

1. Login

  • Surf to your personal RestoManager and enter your login information. When you are successfully logged in after the two-step verification, you will be taken to the general dashboard
  • Afterwards take a look at your "settings" on the left. Here you then click on "Your business"
Your business - RestoManager settings

2. Activate online payments

  • Then click on the purple button with "Connect Mollie", enter your email address and password and make the connection! You will be redirected to Mollie itself, they will ask you to two-step verification Run to verify who you are.
Activate online payments through Mollie for RestoManager
Activate online payments through Mollie for RestoManager

3. RestoManager and Mollie actually connect

  • Finally, you arrive at the screen below. You just need to click on "3. RestoManager and Mollie actually connect" to finalize the connection.
Connecting RestoManager with Mollie
Connecting RestoManager with Mollie

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