How do I place the Gift Certificate Module on my website?

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To get the gift card module on your website, your IT person needs to have the proper frames have it. When it appears on your website, our code does the rest completely on its own!

If your website is also created by RestoManager itself, this all happens automatically!)

Finally, you still need to make a connection with Mollie, that way customers can already pay online. To make the connection with Mollie, you can follow this roadmap.

Once your account is created, you can make the connection between Mollie and RestoManager itself in the settings of your business.

The following roadmap will help you get started:

1. Login

  • Surf to your personal RestoManager and enter your login information. When you have successfully logged in after the two-step verification, you will be taken to the general dashboard.
  • Afterwards take a look at your "Settings" on the left. Here you then click on "Frames"

2. Frames + Connection with Mollie

You can find the frames for the gift certificates on this page and pass them on to your IT person if needed.

Add frames through RestoManager for your gift cards

Then in your settings you can connect Mollie and create an account via the button "Connect via Mollie", which can be found under "Your business“.

Activate Mollie for RestoManager

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