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A fully booked restaurant. The dream of every hospitality entrepreneur. Yet actually making it happen is not always easy. An effective way to achieve this is by making the reservation process as simple and accessible as possible. With the partnership between RestoManager and Reserve with Google, you can simply maximize your table reservations.


What is Reserve With Google?

Reserve with Google is an online platform that allows customers to reserve tables at restaurants directly through Google Search and Google Maps.

It offers a seamless and easy way to make reservations without customers having to visit your website. By using the Google Company Profile of your restaurant, customers can reserve a table in just a few clicks.

So the biggest advantage is that customers book directly through Google, via Google Maps, for example. Your website is even totally redundant, although a combination of both options is usually the best choice.

Benefits of Reserve With Google for restaurants

1. Convenience for the Customer: Customers can reserve a table directly from their Google search results or Google Maps. This reduces friction and makes the process faster and easier.

2. Increased Visibility: Your restaurant is displayed more prominently in Google search results and on Google Maps. This can lead to more traffic and more reservations.

3. Direct Integration with Google My Business: With a well-maintained Google My Business profile, you can ensure that all important information, such as opening hours and contact information, is always up to date.

4. Optimize Table Occupancy: By showing real-time availability, customers can instantly see when a table is available, which helps optimize table occupancy.

5. Save Time and Reduce Errors: Automate the reservation process to save time and minimize human error.

Google x RestoManager integration

RestoManager's integration with Reserve with Google brings together the best of both worlds. You only even need to press 1 button, we do the rest all for you.

activate reservations with google via

Now, to briefly list the benefits of this:

1. Seamless Synchronization: RestoManager automatically syncs with Reserve with Google, so all reservations are updated in real time. So it just shows up among your other reservations.

2. Detailed Customer Data: Collect valuable customer data directly in your RestoManager customer database

3. Manage Reservations Efficiently: Use RestoManager to easily manage and optimize reservations so you always have a clear overview of your tables and bookings.

How far in advance can customers book via Google?

Reserve with Google supports bookings up to 30 days in advance or less as specified by the restaurant's booking settings.

Can customers add special requests or comments?

Yes, guests can specify their special requests when making a reservation.

Can guests change or cancel reservations through Google?

Yes, guests can edit or cancel their reservations directly on Google.

Is it possible to customize confirmation emails for reservations?

No, automated confirmation emails cannot be modified. Through your RestoManager module you can, but not through Google itself.

Fancy trying "Reserve With Google" for yourself?

If bringing in some extra reservations without too much effort is music to your ears, click the button below quickly. We'll have you online in no time!

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